DairyLine Radio has Podcasts, have you listened to them?

Todays DairyLine Radio Show Cull Cows Not Producers “We should be culling dairy cows, not dairy producers.” That’s the message from Jerome, Idaho dairy producer and NDPO board member Bob Krucker. He joined us on today’s Dairyline to elaborate. Pennsylvania Dairy Summit Offers Variety of Info The Pennsylvania Dairy Summit is Feb. 4th & 5th […]

New York Holstein Convention Recap

The New York Holstein Convention in Utica, NY was a great time for one and all. The following blog post is a recap of the adult and part of the junior convention. Sale Night Members gathered for the pre-sale happy hour at the Utica Raddison. New York News Editor Mike McCaffrey and  Walter Lant talking […]

Spring Calf 1. Brandt-View Golddust Gladys (Sonnek Golddust-ET), Katie Shultz, Dillsburg, PA 2. Sun-Far Shot Clover (Lincoln-Hill Shot Laser-ET), Landon Kunkel, Kempton, PA 3. Santee-Acres Chel Twilight (Domicole Chelios-ET), Mitchell Brett, Lenhartsville, PA Winter Calf 1. SweetSwing GoldChip Chenny (MR Chassity Gold Chip-ET), Anthony Hix, Mohrsville, PA 2. Lylehaven Durham Lillia (Regancrest Elton Durham), Tanner […]

New York Holstein Convention Genetics Sessions

Dr Tom Lawlor of Holstein USA opened the session. Dr Lawlor went though the 2015 base change, new proof changes, DPR change, and over all impact of the latest proofs. Ability to improve fertility is now greater than ever. Adjustments to latest TPI index in May 2015 due to changes in calculation by USDA scientists. […]

2015 NY All Breeds Convention Luncheon

Keely McGarr O’Brian from Keely’s Cheese Company spoke about how she got started and what is required to run a cheese business. She has a degree from University of Vermont and also training from artesian cheese makers in Ireland. She specializes in soft cheeses that take on the characteristics of the area that they are […]

New York Holstein Meeting

Jonathan Lamb a National Director for the region gave his report on what was new at national association. Highlight were: *record registrations in 2014 *record transfers *update on the CDCB material license agreement.(still underway) *December Proof DPR and NetMerit adjustments.(standard deviation changed and will be adjusted in the April Proofs) *Phenotypic data needs to continue […]

2015 New York Holstein Convention Sale

Sale Average $9,715 on 26 Lots non embryo Sale gross with all lots $304,550 Donation Lot from Trans Ova $1,400 Lot 1 $24,000 Lot 2 $27,000 Lot 3 $25,500 Lot 4 $17,000 Lot 5 $7,500 Lot 6 $18,000 Lot 7 $7,500 Lot 8 $9,000 Lot 9 $8,750 Lot 10 $9,100 Lot 11 $7,500 Lot 12 […]

Nova Holsteins Farm Visit

Although Lance & Ryan Kamm of Nova Holsteins, New Richmond, WI grew up on a dairy farm, they were not always certain that was the path they were going to follow. All through college, both boys helped on their family farm and enjoyed the day to day activities. However, Lance decided to pursue a career […]

Crisdhome Farm visit

“We just want to milk a barn full of good cows”. This philosophy, although it may sound simple, has been the cornerstone for Crisdome Holsteins in New Richmond, WI for longer than most of us have been alive.  It has bode them well, they have earned the prestigious PBR award for 34 years! Over the […]

Japanese friends of Marlowe Nelson gather in Japan

Frank Fukumoto of the Nosawa Company in Japan shared an item about a gathering of former Japanese trainees in Hokkaido, Japan, to mark the passing of Marlowe Nelson earlier this fall. He had been very instrumental in establishing U.S. Holstein connections with Japan following the end of WWII. Her is the article. Click here for […]