PA Holstein Convention Tour- Part 1

The PA Holstein Convention Host Day Tour was held on February 27th in Berks County, PA.    The first stop in my travels was to East Penn Manufacturing which manufactures the Deka Battery.   This was an interesting and innovative stop, however no photographs were allowed. The next stop was Vista Grande Farms LLC, David, […]

Day 2 of the Spring Fling Genetics Conference

Dr. Wigeons opened this mornings session with a brief overview of how we got to where we are in 2015 since the use of genomic testing started. We are making great progress. Even better then the statics would predict in some traits and areas. He does feel though that until new technology or new theories […]

2015 Spring Fling Genetics Conference

The Spring Fling Genomics and Sale conference has started in Scottsdale, Arizona. Titled “Genetics in the Age of Genomics” It has brought together some of the best speakers on where we are at in dairy cattle breeding industry. Five main speakers will be speaking today and tomorrow. With 3 panels groups speaking in-between. It all […]

CUDS Spring Classic

CUDS Spring Classic provides juniors from across the country the opportunity to improve their judging skills & purchase fancy show age heifers for the 2015 show season! In addition, many high GTPI heifers with contracts will sell along with some very high production young cows & some fabulous Red & Whites! A very special day! Sale features: […]

PA Holstein Convention Awards & Highlights

The Annual PA Holstein Convention was held February 26 and 27 in Reading, PA.   Fun, fellowship and awards centered around the Holstein cow were enjoyed by all.  Congratulations to all recipients! Some highlights include: Distinguised Young Breeder Award- Joel & Sara Mills of Thompsontown, PA- Click Here to read more about them Pioneer Award- […]

Western Classic Junior Show

Senior 2-Year-Old: 1. Hez-Destry Holissa-ET, Brandon Alemida; 2. Paulo-Bro Atwood Joy 9412, Mason Mendes Junior 3-Year-Old: 1. Coredeal Ally Evelyne, J T Leonardo; 2. T & R Azevedo 9516, Avery Martin Senior 3-Year-Old: Miss T&R Azevdeo Rush Delight, Avery Martin; 2. Sco-lo Fever Hailey-ET, Christina Cunningham 4-Year-Old: 1. Maselles Fremont Haven, Casey Vander Eyk; 2. […]

Junior Champion Grade, 1st Unfresh 2-Year-Old for Tony Garcia; Reserve was 2nd Unfresh 2-Year-Old for Randy Edwards. And Honorable Mention was the winning Summer Calf for Kestin Martin

Western Classic Jr Show

Junior Champion: Intensa Lauthority Royle-ET, 1st Unfresh 2-Year-Old, Destinee Leonardo “Judge Turner preferred her as the whole package, dairy strength with correct feet and legs. Reserve Junior Champion: Oakfield As Linn Cello E2, 1st winter yearling, Casey Vander Eyk Honorable Mention: Durkacres Ella, 2nd Unfresh 2-Year-Old, David Edwards   From left are Dairy Princess Emily […]

First & Second place winners in the grade Holstein heifer classes are: Fall Calf: Tony Garcia & Isabela Pires Summer Calf: Kestin Mortin & Madeline Davis Spring Yearling: Randy Edwards & Dylan Garcia Winter Yearling: Brad Hudson & Kaylee Santos Fall Yearling: Angelcia Fernandes & Anna Andrews Unfresh Jr 2-Year-Old: Tony Garcia & Randy Edwards

Heifer classes for Registered Holsteins… Winter Calf 1. Summer-Dream Li 8921, Hunter & Ashley Glass; 2. Cal-ticino A Jessie 8932, Hunter & Ashley Glass Fall Calf 1. MS Apple Adra-ET, Frankie Fernandes; Bella Rosa Brokaw Fancy, Chase Vander Eyk Summer Calf 1. MS Cranhill Destiny, Grace Wilber; 2. R-John Atwood McKenzie, Chloe Vander Eyk Spring […]