25th Team Ontario 4H Judging Team coached/chaperoned by Mr Bertram Stewart

By Murray Reissner This is the 25th Team that has been coached/chaperoned by Mr Bertram Stewart. Bert and his wife Hazel originally started with the first team way back when and went every year to Madison up until 3 years ago. Hazel unfortunately passed away just a week before Madison. That’s when I was asked to […]

Celebration Sale in Brazil. October 18th 2014

First Celebration Sale in Brazil. October 18th 2014. The sale has 50  descendents from famous  North American Families. (James Rose, Frosty, Paradise, Apple, Seisme, Ashlyn, Hailey and others), great and first oportunity in Brazil. They are organizers: Adriano Renato Kiers (Fazenda Mariana), Daniel Furtado ( Cabanha DMG) and Thiago Pinto (MV Genetica) Today it is the […]

Online Holstein Sale Ri-Val-Re Vieuxsaule

Check out the remaining lots in the Online Holstein Sale of Ri-Val-Re Vieux Saule Farms. The sale goes until the 12th of November or until the last lots are sold. Register now. Best offer or minimum bids accepted. Bid now before they are all gone! Click here to see the sale:

 Landis-Mrk of Excellence 4th Edition Sale

The Landis-Mrk of Excellence 4th Edition sale is on tap for Oct 17th at 11AM in Lancaster, PA.  Featuring over 100 lots of outstanding genetics, here is a preview of some highlights. Sale Order, Added lots,  and Updates Catalog Lot 2- Halogen +2468 GTPI, 817NM$ x Cameron x VG-87 Super x VG-87 Goldwyn x Budjon-JK […]

October 18, 2014 Metcalfe, Ontario Judge: David Crack Summer Calf 1. Riverdown Atwood Adventure (Atwood) Riverdown Holsteins 2. Caniel Electra Reginald (Electra) Mary Inn Holsteins, Jean Daniel Corbeil 3. Allen Grove Molly McCutchen (McCutchen) Montdale Holsteins-Larry E Allen 4. Signature Chip of Versace (Goldchip) Signature Holsteins, Emma Farlinger Junior Calf 1. Seavalley Atwood Yantzys Pride […]

A visit to Mayerlane Holsteins in Bloomer, WI

Fall leaves and perfect weather welcomed Holstein World to Mayerlane Holsteins in Bloomer, WI. This well-known herd was once again busy with flushing on the day of our arrival…selling embryos from key cow families is a marketing niche that fits this farm well. Currently, Don and Liz Meyer, along with their children, milk 75 cows […]

Check out the remaining lots in the VIeux Saule and Ri-Val-Re Online Sale

Check out the remaining lots in the VIeux Saule and Ri-Val-Re Online Sale. Lots 11, 12, 18, and 27 have been sold. Thank you to the buyers. www.Dairyauctions.com Videos:

A visit to Scientific Holsteins

Rosedale Fancypants D Honey VG-88 Destry Scientific Holsteins is nestled in the rolling fields of beautiful Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Matt and Mandy Nunes, along with their four daughters, moved to this location in 2003 to begin building their own herd of quality cattle. Prior to developing a successful herd in Wisconsin, Matt and Mandy hailed […]

World Forage Analysis Superbowl - World Dairy Expo
Brigeen Farm Visit

; Betsy Bullard was off on a judging assignment, but was able to greet us before she headed out. Betsy and Steve Briggs who took over our tour and Frank Cow comfort Allwyn (Goldwyn x the Alicia’s) Alivia ….She is typical of the cows that Brigeen strives to have in their barns. Deep, open, capacity, […]