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Perhaps one of the most uplifting trips I make every year in my position with Holstein World is a short trip in April to the Old South-Perry, Georgia. From the time I land in one of America’s busiest airports in Atlanta, to the time when I head home again two days later, it is a festival for all the senses we as human beings have. I’d like to share a little of that with our readers if I can. There’s a great charm to the landscape beginning when you head south on Interstate 75 for an hour and a half, traveling through what I’ve heard referred to as “The Pine Tunnels.” You’ll leave the suburbs of Atlanta and proceed through Macon.

Macon is the home of the Harriet Tubman Museum among other attractions. Along the way you’ll observe trees completely leafed out (as opposed to spring just beginning at home, or maybe hasn’t arrived in the North, even) and flowers blooming everywhere including honeysuckle, roses and wild flowers in the highway right of way. The rich red dirt in the area is home to many thousands of pecan and peach trees, although you see the rapid encroachment of development is making those areas fewer and more precious to see. As you approach Perry, you’ll begin to comprehend the importance of agriculture to the local economy of central Georgia. From fruit and nut production to beef, dairy, and equine pursuits, the entire community is extremely supportive of agriculture, both in terms of where they have come from historically, and where they are headed. You’ll find one of the finest venues for Agricultural events anywhere in the Georgia National Fairgrounds This super 628 acre facility is beautifully landscaped with a fountain, lakes and gardens. Throughout the year, the schedule includes many events which culminate in October with the Georgia National Fair said to be one of the very best in the region.

A highly active Holstein community can be found within the Georgia Holstein Association. It’s a highly progressive group that conducts their annual Southern Invitational Sale each year with class, professionalism, and integrity. Many prominent individuals in the breed have crossed the shavings at this sale over the years. View to check out the specifics of the sale and show this year and~tomorrow-tune in for A Magical Experience: The Town of Perry.

Georgia Red Dirt_1.JPG

This is a huge pecan grove just outside of Perry beside the highway. Notice that bright red dirt! It was very late in the day and I pulled into the end of a driveway to get a few shots, when a pickup truck hurried up in a cloud of dust-I was sure I had run into someone who was suspicious of what I was doing and might be a little upset. The very polite gentleman in the truck, when I quickly explained I was taking a few photos of the area, said, “Oh, that ain’t no problem! I was just leaving- I didn’t come to bother you-go right ahead!” So-I did.

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