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The Wilstar Wrap Up!

by in The Sale Ring | May 30, 2009

The Wilstar Complete Dispersal is completed and the prices stayed strong all day as 188 live lots averaged $5,221. Cattle sold to 17 states and 2 foreign countries.

More notable prices on the day:

WS Lot 4
Farmdale Canyon Dazzle 2E-94 (*RC Canyon out of 3E-94 Farmdale Integrity Dixie) – $21,000

Hilrose Dundee Drama-ET EX-90 (*RC Dundee daughter of 2E-94 Canyon Dazzle) – $11,000

Wilstar TS Justine (11/07 Toystory daughter of 2E-95 2nd-Look Durhm Juba 3433-ET) – $11,000

Wilstar Durham Nifty EX-92 (7th generation EX Durham) – $11,400

Courtlane Durham Steph 2E-94 (8th generation VG or EX Durham) – $10,000

Goldfawn Goldwyn Ina (6/08 Goldwyn out of EX-91 Goldfawn Emory Image, next dam EX-95 MD-Maple-Dell Roy Image) – $10,000

WS Lot 62
Wilstar Disperal High Seller at $52,000 – Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red (EX-92 94-MS).
L to R: Dan Siemers, contending bidder; Carla Gunst, seller; Kevin Jorgensen, representing MilkSource Genetics, buyer; Roger Turner, sale staff; Willis Gunst, seller; Tom Morris, sale manager; David Sarbacker holding Limited; Lynn, Sara, Jacob & Logan Harbaugh, sellers.

WS Lot 98
Glenn-Ann Shottle Pepper-ET (EX-90) sold for $27,000 – good for second-high seller position.
L to R: Willis & Carla Gunst, sellers; Linda & Doug Hodorff of Second-Look Holsteins, buyers; Roger Turner & Tom Morris, sales staff; Mandy Puttkamer holding Pepper; Lynn, Sara, Jacob & Logan Harbaugh, sellers.

WS Lot 97
Third-high seller – Miss Shottle Alison-ET – brought $22,000.
L to R: Joan Judd, buyer; Carla Gunst, seller; John Judd, buyer; Roger Turner, sale staff; Willis Gunst, seller; Amy Ryan holding Alison; Tom Morris, sale staff; Lynn, Sara, Jacob & Logan Harbaugh, sellers.

The fitting crew under the watchful eye of Joel Kietzman had the large lineup of cattle prepared superbly. The sale was managed by Tom Morris, Ltd and clerked by Sandy Morris and her efficient staff. Roger Turner read pedigrees and Gary Estes assisted Birthday Boy Tom Morris with the auctioneering duties.

Roger noted Tom’s birthday as “59 plus 1″…Tom, can that be right??

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