Billings Farm Visit

Holstein World staffers Frank Putman and myself (Lynnette Wright) traveled to Vermont a couple weeks ago for the Lure of Lylehaven. On our way we made a stop at Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT. This great Jersey herd is part of the Billings Farm & Museum which is open to the public.  Here visitors can explore a modern-run dairy farm and a museum of Vermont’s rural past – a gateway to Vermont’s rural heritage. We however got a private tour of the tremendous Jersey herd from the farm manage, B. J. Hanfield.

In order to get to Vermont from New York, we first had to cross Lake Champlain on a ferry boat. Usually this is a nice calm ride but on this day, with winds approaching 50 mph, it was more like a “Deadliest Catch” experience! When the boat hit a wave the front end dropped down and the wave would crash up and over the deck at least 25 feet! Our car would get so covered we couldn’t see through the windshield, and we weren’t even first in line!

Part of Billings Farm is a museum of Vermont’s rural heritage. Here is a display of part of the museum that is in the entrance to the dairy barn.

Also in the entrance area is a nice display of banners, ribbons and trophies Billings Farm has won over the years, including back to back Grand Champion banners from the 1988 & 1989 All-American Jersey Show in Louisville, KY. They were won by Billings Top Rosanne.

Greetings us when we entered the barn was SHF Renaissance Faline EX-95. She is a flushing queen and recently made 39 embryos in one flush!

BillingsRemake Bounty VG-89 was the Overall Premier Performance Winner at the 2008 All-American Dairy Show and 2nd place Sr. 2-year-old. She is dry now and due to calve this summer.

The classifier had just been there the day before and made this cow, Billings Sultan Bryce, VG-88 in her first lactation.

Another highlight of the classification day was Billings Chairman Dazzle, shown here, scoring EX-90 to complete 14 generations of Excellent cows!

Another new Excellent was Brookview Just Once. She was fresh in January. Also in the herd is Billings Vindication Mallory who was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the NY Spring Show this year.


Billings Farm is gorgeous, even on a rainy day!

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