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Red Carpet Spectacular

by in Travels with Frank | July 11, 2010

The Red Carpet Spectacular (hosted by RJ Farms, the Robert Jarrell Family of Corbyville, ON, Canada) on 7/10 was captured by field reporters Joyce Thomas and Sarah Littlefield

rjfarm 082

The high seller choice of Lot 63 RJF JAMAICA ROCKSTAR VG-89 (max score) or Lot 67 RJF IATOLA BLISS VG-88 …. Seller: RJ Farms, Buyer: Billings Farm, chose Lot 63 Purchased for $21,000 in picture left to right Sarah Littlefield, BJ Hanfield, Jason Johnson, leadsman Melissa Bower, Bobby, April, and Bob Jarrell

rjfarm 084

Second high seller Lot 66 SELECT JADE EMY-ET VG-89 (max score) Seller: Christine Desrosiers and Julien et C A Sicard of St Justine, Quebec Buyer: Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma, WI. Contender was Greg & Joel Bourne of Ohio. Purchased for $17,500 in picture left to right Dan Bauer, Micheal Heath, leadsman Melissa Bower, and Laurent Lambert

rjfarm 077

Third high seller Lot 17 HURONIA VINCENT MINDY 43W Seller: Fred and Ruth Armstrong of Auburn, Ontario Buyer: RJ Farms purchased for $11,500 in picture left to right: Fred and Ruth Armstrong,Bobby Jarrell, leadsman Alana McKinven, April and Bob Jarrell.

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  1. Jade Emy was purchased by Jordan and Whitney Ebert Algoma, WI. Contender was Greg and Joel Bourne from Ohio.

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