A scenic view of Prince Edward Island

During HolsteinWorld’s trip to the Maritimes last week to cover three major Holstein events, Randy, Frank and I had the chance to drive around and see one of the prettiest provinces in Canada.

Facts about Prince Edward Island:
– Home to 2 cities and 7 towns
– Total Island population 138,000
– The soil is VERY red – which is due to iron oxide which rusts when exposed to air
– Major industries – agriculture, tourism, fisheries
– Home of the famed stories in Anne of Green Gables
– 620,000 acres of farmland on the Island – with potatoes being the single largest commodity (25.5 million hundredweight of product produced in 2010 – with five year average value of $201 to $235 million). Beef operations are 35% of total farming industry; hogs account for 25 farms producing more than 80,000 hogs every year and dairy farms produce more than 101 million litres each year (14% of which is used to supply the local market).
– Just under 200 breeders are involved in the Prince Edward Island Holstein Association

Enjoy the sites of Prince Edward Island, and if you get the chance, go visit for yourself! The farms, the ocean and the food will amaze you.

PEI Sales 010
Crasdale Farms, Hunter River

PEI Sales 029
Cows in the pasture at Idee Holsteins. We were amazed at the vast number of evergreen “fencelines” that seemed to dot the countryside!

DSC 0002
Wouldn’t it be great to combine a field and have the bays and ocean to look at?

DSC 0004
Potatoes! And they are good! It almost felt like a ride through the streets of “Farmtown”

DSC 0008

DSC 0010

DSC 0021

DSC 0026

DSC 0033

DSC 0040

DSC 0044

DSC 0047

DSC 0048

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