Stars of Savage-Leigh Tag Sale Pictures

The Stars of Savage-Leigh Tag Sale and Open House started today at the home of Chip, Isha, Connor & Chase Savage in Union Bridge, Maryland. Beautiful weather and beautiful facilites are being enjoyed by all who stop by. The sale runs through Sunday, March 18th.


2012-03-15 14.07

Greenwood-Acres Dun Celeste EX-94

2012-03-15 14.46

VG-87 Goldwyn x EX-95 Durchan just fresh 10 days. Will show as a Jr 3 yr old. She is the #12 PTAT cow of the breed

2012-03-15 14.31

1593- Fever Fall calf x VG-88 Sanchez x EX-95 Leona x EX-92 Licorice

2012-03-15 14.34

1591- Atwood Summer Yr x EX-92 Licorice

2012-03-15 14.23

1639- Windbrook fall calf x EX-92 Lydon Laurel

2012-03-15 14.20

1641- Fever fall calf x EX-95 Leona x EX-92 Licorice

IMG 3297

Savage-Leigh Lavish EX-94 Talent x Licorice

IMG 3282


Chip Savage working hard on the price list.

IMG 3286

IMG 3285

IMG 3287

The Savage homestead was one of the stops for the Chester County (PA) Holstein club annual tour.

IMG 3291

IMG 3289

While the adults were looking at cows, these youngsters enjoyed playing.

IMG 3299

IMG 3290

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