Hartford Genomic Extravaganza!

The Hartford Genomic Extravaganza is underway here in Rochester, MN. Host Bob Eustice of Hartford Holsteins welcomed the crowd with thanks for those who have played a part in his success, including Steve Berland, Staci Sexton, who raises calves for Bob and has recently started freshening in his recips, and of course his family.

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Bob shared the story about how the partnership between him and Mike Sullivan of Sully Holsteins really took off. Bob was up at Mikes the day an Oman daughter was calving, MS Sully Oman Muetze-ET. The first heifer came out and Bob reached in and felt a second calf. After saying a prayer that the second one would be a heifer they pulled it out and their prayers were answered. It wasn’t just any heifer either, it was Sully Shottle May-TW, a cow that would go on to impact the breed beyond anyone’s expectations.

Early high sellers include…

Lot 2- $30,000 First choice Man-O-Shan x Sully Planet Manitoba from the famous Sully Shottle May, buyer: Morsan Farms, AB

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Lot 1- $12,000 Sully Hart Kramer 169-ET, Oct ’11 Kramer x Sully Planet Manitoba with a GTPI of +2303, buyer: Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Lot 5- $10,000 Sullhrtford Sudan 327-ET GTPI +2225, Feb ’12 Sudan x Sully Hart Karsten x Sully Shottle May-TW

Lot 11- $26,000 1st choice De-Su AltaJackman from Sully Hart Domain 133-ET GTPI +2369, buyer: Stanton Bros, ON

Lot 50- $21,000 Dymentholm Sunview Shar-ET GTPI +2259, April ’12 Epic x Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk VG-87

Lot 19- $13,500 S-S-I Kramer Mitzy 7709-ET GTPI +2333, Kramer x Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET, maternal sister to popular bull Roylane Socra Robust

Lot 19A- $1,150/embryo – Four #1 Genervations Latimer x Mitzy7709-ET

Lot 20- $11,500 Level-Plain Jives Carmi-ET GTPI +2302, Jan ’12 Jeeves Jives x Level-Plain Moman Camill-ET

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Lot 21- $14,700 Schmity Shamrock 807-ET, Shamrock daughter with a GTPI of +2350 and one of only three heifers in the breed that is +2400M, +3.00T and +0.00DPR dam: Schmity Bojangles Nappy VG-85

Lot 23- $6,500 Speek-NJ Colt Danica Rae-ET, Colt-P x Scientific Deluxe Rae-ETS EX-91

Lot 24 – $6,500 Speek-NJ Colt-P 320-Red-ET, Colt P x Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET EX-90

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Lot 26- $6,500 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 362-ET*RC GTPI +2221, Numero Uno x Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET EX-90

Lot 27- $6,700 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 363-ET*RC GTPI +2346, Numero Uno x Scientific Gold Demi Rae

Lot 29- $5,000 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 360-ET GTPI +2317

Lot 51- $9,200 Welcome Snowman Petula-ET GTPI +2228, sold with Semex bull contract, Snowman x Welcome Baxter Petunia VG-87

Lot 48- $6,500 Zahbulls Airnt Collision-ET GTPI +2241, Air-Osa-Exel AltaAirnet-ET x Zahbulls Super Cloudy GP-83 x Sapa-Ska Toystory Courtney EX-92

Lot 49- $5,000 Gnat-Hill Robust Andrea-ET GTPI +2247 x Weaverstyle Gldwyn Marji-ET VG-87

Lot 3- $4,500 Sully Hartford Clark 277-ET GTPI +2275, May ’11 Clark x Planet Manitoba, sold bred in October to Lithium

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Staci Sexton & Virginia Westle

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Sale host, Bob Eustice hangs in the background

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