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Soup, Pie, and Kids
By Ann Marie Magnochi

Anyone who has made the trek to National Holstein Convention knows it can be quite the expensive event. With hotels, registration fees, and flights, it all adds up pretty quick. And when your group seems to always be the ones raising their hands when the question goes out of, “who traveled the furthest!?” it really adds up!

Ten years ago, a handful of parents got together with an idea to raise money to help fund their kids’ trips to National Holstein Convention, and so the Washington Junior Holstein Association Soup & Pie Social was born. What began as a simple bake sale idea has blossomed into a community gathering that is hands down the highlight of most Washington dairy families’ spring events, and the main money-maker to get Washington Juniors to Convention.


For a donation of their choosing, participants are treated to a menu of homemade soups (clam chowder, chicken ‘n vegetable, and cabbage patch), salad, bread, ice cream, and of course every type and variety of homemade pie and desert one could ever imagine. Regulars to this event know who the great cooks are. They know which cinnamon rolls to bid on, who makes the best cheesecakes, which berry pies come with a guaranteed refill if you return the pie plate, and which cookies are going to require the formation of a syndicate to be affordable.

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The Soup & Pie Social is more than just a fundraiser. It gets back to the original roots of what makes small farming communities great, where people came together on warm spring nights in community halls, granges, and family kitchens to share good food and great conversation with friends and family. The Washington Juniors have found a way to achieve that same small town feel a mere 30 miles from downtown Seattle. Urban dwellers and country folk, businessmen and farmers alike unite to support the youth. Because they know, whether these kids pursue careers in the dairy industry or not, the experiences and knowledge they gain throughout their junior Holstein careers turns each and every one of them into spokesmen of the breed, and ambassadors of the industry.

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