European Vacation Part 3

Take in the “postcard scenary” of France and Switzerland as our HolsteinWorld field reporter Terri Packard continues blogging their journey on the way to the All-European Championship Show!


It was a 700km drive through France to Geneva, Switzerland where we were joined by Jackie Florent & Sherry Siemers.

We spent a cold afternoon in Annecy, France – often referred to as the ‘Venice of France’ because of the canals that run through the town.
IMG 3284

This town is set on the edge of a lake and surrounded by mountains. There were farmer’s markets set-up in the streets and some kind of ‘carnival’ festival going on that brought a large crowd. Annecy must be beautiful in the summer!
IMG 3279

Next stop – Lausanne, Switzerland. This city hosts the Swiss Expo show every January and is also home to the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne is built on the side of a mountain with steep, winding streets similar to San Francisco. There is great architecture and shopping here.
IMG 3362

IMG 3371

As we drove from Lausanne to Moleson/Gruyere, we passed hundreds of acres of terraced vineyards that seemed to be hanging off the side of the mountains. They ran all the way to the lake below.
IMG 3397

When we arrived at Moleson mountain, we went up to the 2002m summit (6500ft) on a cable car with the skiiers. David wished he had brought his boots! The higher we went, the more the horizon moved away, exposing more mountain ranges. The panoramic view at the top was incredible. We were so blessed to have a clear day all the way to the top. Quim said this was a small mountain but it certainly didn’t seem like it as we traveled up and down!
IMG 3443

IMG 3474

IMG 3482

IMG 3499

Coming up – visits to Gruyere, Luzern and two farm visits!

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