European Vacation – Part 5

Next stop for our European band of adventurers are two small Swiss towns with big Swiss reputations! Terri Packard continues this guest series blog for HolsteinWorld…


The last sights we took in before heading to the All-European Show included a tram ride to the top of Moleson Mountain. After the descent from Moleson, we drove five minutes into Gruyere. The farmers here are selling their milk to make gruyere cheese. This quaint little town was so authentically Swiss!
IMG 3710

The oldest part of the town sits below the Castle of Gruyere, built as a fortress in the 1200s. We had our first fondue experience at an old chalet.
IMG 3706

What an incredible meal! They brought us bread, meat and potatoes to dip in the fondue, which was a blend of 3 cheeses.

We walked through the Castle, which showed eight centuries of architecture, history and culture. Some of the paintings were amazing and the views from the towers and balconies were great.
IMG 3681

IMG 3692

We moved to Luzern next. We had hoped to take a train into The Alps, but it wasn’t clear enough to see the mountains well. So we went into town to explore the city – another one located by a beautiful lake.
IMG 3757

This is a great city with tons of shopping – boutiques, multi-level mall, high-end watch & jewelry stores.

We walked across the longest wooden bridge in Europe – built in 1300s. It connects over a river lined with beautiful buildings.
IMG 3776

IMG 3808


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