Ri-Val-Re Select Sale Averages $25,910!

The Ri-Val-Re Select Sale took place on Saturday, June 15th at the farm in Webberville, MI and featured a lineup of high genomic individuals, red & whites, polled genetics and heifers from Ri-Val-Re’s foundation cow families. A big crowd turned out to take in the sale and there was lots of interest over the phone and online. When things were wrapped up, 68 lots averaged $25,910.

High seller on the day at $315,000 was Lot 1 – Ri-Val-Re Bookem Rosey-P-ET, an 11/11 *RC, polled Bookem with a GTPI of +2130. Rosey sold with a package of 30 guaranteed pregnancies by Shan, Earnhardt, Cashcoin, Golden-PP, Colt 45 and Long-P. Rosey is currently in the flush program at TransOva and sold in absentia.

$280,000 was the 2nd high price of the day for Lot 13 – Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Nady-ET, a 3/13 Numero Uno at +2645 GTPI – the #6 GTPI heifer in the breed. She also carries a +3438 GLPI & +3717 DGV +978NM and is +3.52T. Out of Ri-Val-Re Super Nadine-ET (GP-84 VG-MS GTPI +2126), then one of the big-time brood cows at the farm, Ri-Val-Re Goldwyn Nadine (VG-87 DOM)
Ri-Val-Re Lot 13 in ring

Lot 2 was the 3rd high seller at $270,000 – Mapel Wood Epic Giggle-Red-ETS, a 3/12 red Epic out of Morsan Manoman Fools Gold-Red (VG-87-CAN). At +2035 GTPI and +2848 GLPI, Giggle is the top variant red heifer for her age group and sold with a pacakge of 40 guaranteed pregnancies by Willpower, Doorman, Morgan, Jackman, Skyline, Tango, Cashcoin and Jacey. Giggle is currently in the flush program at TransOva and sold in absentia.

Bomaz Numero Uno 5904-ET sold for $215,000. She is a 1/13 polled Numero Uno at +2365 GTPI and +3031 GLPI, making her the #3 *PO GTPI heifer in the breed. Out of a VG-85 *RC *PO Lawn Boy dam, then five more VG & EX dams.

Lot 63 – Swamp-Hollow Hope, a 3/13 Supersire at +2537 GTPI +924NM +7.0PL brought $75,000. Out of a GP-82 Observer dam at +2104 GTPI, Hope traces back into the Ladys-Manor Tippy Tawny cow family.
Ri-Val-Re Lot 63 in ring

Ri-Val-Re Uno Bee-ET, a 3/13 Numero Uno full sister to Lot 13, above, sold for $60,000. Bee carries a +2524 GTPI and a +3334 GLPI and is out of Ri-Val-Re Super Nadine.
Ri-Val-Re Lot 14 in ring

Lot 10 – $43,000 – Eildon-Tweed Saj Tano-ET, a 1/13 Sajac at +2491 GTPI and +3101 GLPI

Lot 3 – $38,000 – Ri-Val-Re The Best-P-Red-ET, a polled Special Effect at +2235 GTPI and +897NM, making her the #1 GTPI and #1 NM red polled female in the breed.
Ri-Val-Re Lot 3 in ring

Lot 8 – $35,000 – Choice of Tom-Anna Parker P 2681-ET or Tom-Anna Parker P 2736-ET. 2681 is a 12/12 polled Parker out of Tom-Anna 2313 All-In-ET, a Morningview All-In daughter. 2736 is a 3/13 polled Parker out of Tom-Anna Nifty 1743 (GP-83), then six more VG dams back both heifer.

Lot 12 – $35,000 – Sonray-Acres Mc Di-ET, a 1/13 McCutchen at +2506 GTPI out of Sonray-Acres Soc Pbservr Vi, an Observer daughter due at the end of the month at +2416 GTPI.

Lot 11 – $30,000 – Sonray-Acres Mcthn Vi-ET, a 1/13 McCutchen full sister to Lot 12 at +2494 GTPI & +3354 GLPI.
Ri-Val-Re Lot 11 & 12

Lot 9 – $31,500 – Ms Koenen Ladd P5715-Red-ET, a 10/12 homozygous polled Ladd P out of Kulp-Dale Romona-Red-ET (VG-88), then seven more EX Roxy dams
Ri-Val-Re Lot 9 in ring

Lot 17 – $30,000 – Ri-Val-Re Suprsre Nikk-ET, a 1/13 Supersire at +2448 GTPI and +3607 GLPI out of Ri-Val-Re Osrvr Nikki-ET, then Ri-Val-Re Goldwyn Nadine (VG-87)
Ri-Val-Re Lot 17 in ring

The sale was managed by CanAm Sales Management and hosted by the Jorgensen family of Ri-Val-Re Farms. The setting at the farm was immaculate and the hospitality was second to none!

Ri-Val-Re Live sale topper
High live selling lot – Lot 13 – Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Nady-ET
L to R: Jim Stanton, Daniel Brandt, Roy McGregor, all of sales staff; Paige Jorgensen holding Nady, Jerry Jorgensen, consignor and sale host; Bryan Quanbury, sale staff. In the box are Jason Lamoreaux, sale manager and auctioneer and Roger Turner, pedigree man.

Ri-Val-Re family
Finally done! The hard-working Jorgensen family after the sale.

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