Southern Parade of Stars - Heifer Classes

Fall Yearlings (11) 1. Whitaker Jasper Anna-ET (Wilcoxview Jasper), Whitaker Farms, GA 2. Wridale Aspen 796 (EK-Oseeana Aspen), Maple View Farm, NC 3. Tramilda Dundee Ruthie-ET (Regancrest Dundee), Whitaker Farms, GA Winter Yearlings (12) 1. Beldavid Goldwyn Reese-ET (Braedale Goldwyn), Butler & Borba, IL 2. Whitaker Jasper Song-ET (Wilcoxview Jasper), Whitaker Farm, GA 3. Sunny […]

Around the barns in Raleigh

Scenes from the show and sale in North Carolina this weekend! Showmanship Winners from Saturday morning (from left): Judge Brian Craswell, Junior Shannon Langley, Intermediate Michael McSwain and Senior Cole Strickland. Juniors participating in the Showmanship Contest Members of the sales staff from a Knight at Kingsmill – from left: Mitch Hockett, Martin Roberge, David […]

At the end of the day 71 lots sold for an average of $10,021 Claytoncrest Jspr Allure ET Spring yearling Jasper from a VG Goldwyn Daughter of Atlee sold for $6500 Kingsmill Ashlyns Access RC created alot of interest and spirited bidding to a final price of $8100 Kingsmill Ashlyns Agnes ET Selling for $10,100 […]

Lot 28 $8400 Oct Sanchez x Adeen Lot 38 $5,400 1st choice Alexander x Rubens Amy EX 94 x Adeen Lot 28 $4650 Shottle x Alicia EX 97 ( correction from catalogued lot) Lot 44 $3600 Lot 45 $3500 44 & 45 Millions x VG 88 Goldwyn x BKB Abby EX 94 x Alicia Lot […]

Lot 14 $14,200 #2 GTPI Freddi born Oct 2009 Lot 6 $40,000 1st Choice Observer x Regancrest G Brocade x Barbi Lot 6A $60,000 1st Choice Male Syndicate formed for TAG Freddie x Brocade Lot 1 $200,00 1st Choice Freddi x Brasilia, Super x Chassity, Freddie x Ariel selling as package Lot 2 $17,000 Oct […]

A Knight at Kingsmill Sale Preview

In just about 1.5 hours, the lineup for the Southern Parade of Stars Sale will be entering the ring. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect. Be sure to watch for sale updates as they happen! Lot 4 – Kingsmill Ashlyns Agnes-ET, born 9/10/09 – the Stormatic daughter of Ashlyn! Lot 62 […]

Over the course of the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit more about a herd I grew up hearing a lot about. Elginvue Farms in Arlington, MN, is a short drive from the farm I grew up on in Hutchinson, Minnesota. This past week we launched What makes this […]

Walking the aisles in Raleigh

With the Southern Parade of Stars Show just over 24 hours away, it’s game time! Holstein World’s Josh Sanders took a walk through the barn yesterday afternoon right before chore time and saw some beautiful sights! Budjon String, Perry Phend milking middle is Durham Wedding and right is Falling embers both 4 yr olds Budjon […]

Bucking bulls, ultrasounds, dead copperheads and more!

It was quite an interesting day yesterday as I eagerly agreed to travel with Mitch Hockett to their other Kingsmill Farm in Randleman, North Carolina. A little over an hour southwest of Raleigh, the Randleman farm is home to 900 head of cattle, and will eventually house a milking herd of about 200 head. We […]

Oneida Co. Farm Fest

The Oneida Co. (NY) 4-H office organizes a Farm Fest every year. This year it was held last Friday, June 4th at DiNitto Farms in Marcy, NY. Holstein World’s Art Director Bill Woodruff attended the event which attracted over 2,000 visitors, including 800 school children! In addition to of course touring the dairy farm, there […]