62nd Vermont State Holstein Show

62nd Vermont State Holstein Show Sept. 5 – Essex Junction, VT Judge – Bill Taylor, Oldwick, NJ Total shown – 71 Spring Calf (6) 1. Kingsmill Aftershock Ashlyn-ET (Mr Atlees Sht Aftershock), St. Jacobs ABC, M Heath and R&S Allyn 2. Cowtown Goldwyn Anna (Braedale Goldwyn), Cowtown Holsteins Winter Calf (11) 1. Four Hills Damion […]

Minnesota State Fair Red & White Show Results St. Paul, MN Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Judge: Callum McKinven, Canton de Hatley, QC Spring Heifer Calf (7) 1. Nova-TMJ Advents Lux-Red-ET, Luke Alsleben, Glencoe, MN 2. Esperenza-CC PSC Laurel-Red, Tanner Morrison, Peterson, MN 3. Corstar Haven Jazlyn-Red, Cory Salzl, Eden Valley, MN Winter Heifer Calf (3) […]

MN State Fair Brown Swiss Show Results

Minnesota State Fair Brown Swiss Show St. Paul, MN Wednesday, September 1, 2010 Judge: Alan Graves, Hartley, IA Spring Heifer Calf (3) 1. Kamo-N-Zeus Cinderella, Eric Sonnek, Foreston, MN 2. CIE Port-Haven Isaacs 1091, Douglas Tuman, Hutchinson, MN 3. CIE Port-Haven Tetons Nestle, Douglas Tuman, Hutchinson, MN Winter Heifer Calf (3) 1. Olsons Laurel Gal […]

2010 Virginia State Summer Show

44th Virginia Holstein Summer Show August 7, 2010, Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA Judge: Terry Rawn, Charles Town, WV 86 total head shown Show report submitted by Terry Perotti Lam, State Editor Spring Calf (11): 1. Ron-Rou Sanchez Cupcake, Ron-Rou 2. Harvue Contender Britta-Red, Leslie Hardesty 3. Janney Talent Equisite, Janney Winter Calf (9): 1. […]

New York State Fair Scenes

Katie DeBruin was out and about in the barns at Syracuse this past week to capture the people and the cows that made the 2010 fair such a success! Enjoy! Charlie McEvoy & Barclay Phoenix Allison Galton Buddy Fleming & Wayne Conard Tim Coon, Don McEvoy, Charlie McEvoy & Judge John Buckley Adam Liddle & […]

MN State Fair Jersey Show Results

Minnesota State Fair Jersey Show Wednesday, Sept. 1 Judge: Jeffrey Core, Salvisa, KY Spring Heifer Calf (6) 1. Stranshome Sultan Rosie-ET, Joe & Reid Stransky – Stranshome 2. Discovery’s Comerica Jazzinator, Lisa Demmer 3. K&R Tradition Mary, Randy Drinkall – K&R Jerseys Winter Heifer Calf (9) 1. Edgebrook Jackknife Natasha, Mike Dilly – Edgebrook Jerseys […]

Holstein Foundation Update

Dairy Leaders for Tomorrow Campaign Launched By Jodi Hoynoski Recently, I was putting together a PowerPoint presentation and I pulled up a picture from the 1994 World Dairy Expo, when they first named a Supreme Champion of the Junior Show. My co-worker asked, “Who is that boy holding the Brown Swiss?” Once the boisterous laughter […]

2010 Expo Quebec Provincial Show

2010 Expo Québec The finest animals from all over the province were on display at the 2010 Expo Québec Holstein Show, held on August 28. With 161 animals of outstanding quality taking part, this event, meant to be the culmination of the regional shows, bodes well for the success of Quebec breeders this fall. The […]

Holstein is Supreme and Brown Swiss is Reserve in MN

Congratulations to Optimal, Rainyridge, Hylite and Ravenbrook for exhibiting the Supreme Champion at the 2010 MN State Fair! She is Rainyridge Talent Barbara, the Grand Champion of the Midwest Fall National Holstein Show. Reserve Supreme honors went to the Grand Champion Brown Swiss, Milk&Honey Prem Tiffany-ET owned by Pit-Crew Genetics. The grand prize of $500 […]

Midwest Fall National Holstein Show - MN State Fair!

The Midwest National Fall Show took place on Wednesday, September 1st in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, MN. Serving as the official was Callum McKinven of Canton de Hatley, QC. Spring Heifer Calves (15) 1. Putnam Farm Haven Oakley (Mr Advent Haven x Putnam Farm Outside Olivia), Scott Culbertson and Rick […]