We received more comments from readers who have taken the time to respond to our online questions regarding genomics/sire summaries. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our online polling question of the month at www.holsteinworld.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page for this month’s questions. Here are some more responses. New […]

Just announced – the Greenlea Complete Dispersal All animals under the age of 5 will sell! Sale will be November 10, 2010 at the VanHaven Sales Facility in Uxbridge, Ontario, during Royal Winter Fair week. Co-managed by Hanover Hill Sales & MD-Hillbrook. Stay tuned for further details!

New York Spring Jersey Show

New York Spring Jersey Show Apr. 11 – Syracuse, NY Judge – Sean Johnson, Glenville, PA Total shown – 139 Winter Heifer Calf (5) 1. Underground Dominica Mamie (SV Jade Hired Gun), A&D Crothers, A Eaton, C Rohe, P Lundy, Pitcher, NY 2. South Mountain Valiant Jillian (Elliotts SD Valiant), Ernest Kueffner & Terri Packard […]

Sunday in NY

Performance Products owner, Lou Ann Hughes sponsors the Exhibitor’s Buffet at 6:00 PM Billings Farm is always a force to contend with in the show ring. Earl DeLong and the Karen. Kathleen and Denise Pease Welcome to Teri’s world! Parlor Manager ,Terri Martin always makes the milking parlor a unique event. Harry Moore has supplied […]

Candids during the Southern National Spring Show

More candids from the show  will appear soon!   At ringside during the 4 Year Old class, members of the Leach and Buessing family watch anxiously. Their cow, Lin Max Rock Chock, was ultimately Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion.   Mike Nelson, MO and Norman Bayless, OK view and discuss the show. “Lil Spud” […]

Southern National Holstein Show, Stillwater, OK Cow Show

Note-All results are taken from official placings certified at the end of the show by show management. Southern Spring National Holstein Show Stillwater, OK April 10, 2010 Judge, Lynn Harbaugh, Wisconsin Total Head Shown: 130 Dry Cow(3) 1. Platte-Vu Encore Sharon(Marcrest Encore) Trent Schafer 2. Palo-Duro Marshall Bessie(Mara-Thon BW Marshall)Mason Dairy Farm LLC and Callie […]

Southern National Holstein Show Stillwater, OK, Heifer Show

(All show results are from show results certified at the conclusion of the show by show management) Southern Spring National Holstein Show April 10,2010 Judge: Lyn Harbaugh, Wisconsin Total head shown: 130 Winter Heifer Calf (8) 1. Hoff-Hill 4Aces Debbie (Windy-Knoll-View Aces) Adam Hoff 2. Hydeaway Advent Tequila-Red (KHW Advent-Red-ET) Austin Hyde 3. Po-Lin-Max Angelica-Red-ET (Scientific Director-Red-ET) […]

Guernsey & Ayrshire Results from NY Spring Carousel

New York Spring Dairy Carousel Guernsey Show Judge: Sean Johnson Grand Champion: Millbourne Tiller Blair-ET (5-Year-Old) Morey Miller, Millborne Farms, Granby, CT Reserve Grand Champion: Sniders Dollars Adeline (Aged Cow) Aaron Gable, Snider Homestead, New Enterprise, PA Junior Champion:Friendship A Mistic (Summer Yearling) Friendship Farm, Millbrook, NY Reserve Junior Champion: Sniders Nomar Petunia-TW (Summer Yearling) […]

NY Spring Sale

Opening the NY Spring Sale was lot 9 that was struck off for $9,800. Oakfield Linjet Racy-ET (EX-90) She’s a 14th generation EX from the Audrey Posch Family. Other shots from NY’s action.   Other lots, their selling price and buyer. Lot 46- $8,000 Purchased by Katelyn Russell, Starksboro, VT Lot 8- $6,100 Purchsed by […]

New York Spring Jr. Holstein Show

The NY Spring Jr. Holstein show took place this morning at the NY Spring Dairy Carousel to kick of a weekend of high quality breed shows. Juge: Justin Burdette, Mercersburg, PA Total Head Shown: 96 Class Results: Winter Calves (7): 1 – Whit Hart Amazing Princess (Mr. Atlees Alta Amazing), Rachel Vail 2 – Mount […]